Taking Chances

July 27, 2010

We only get one chance at life
one time to get it right
We must use every chance we have
to keep our dreams in sight

Don’t give up or forget your hopes
Keep sight of all your dreams
At the end of each long tunnel
a bright ray of light beams

Don’t look back at what could have been
when life has passed you by
or think of every chance you had
and know you didn’t try

Life’s about taking chances
seizing each moment of the day
We don’t have many chances
We must use each chance
come what may.

~ Karen Bailey, May 2000


The Legacy

July 26, 2010

WARNING – Some may find this upsetting

When she was a child
they took her innocence away
As each year went by
she prayed for a brighter day

Caught up in between
the fights she did not choose
Sat awake each night
crying scared of who will lose

As she fought for sleep
hearing the beatings and the screams
these terrifying sounds
continued within her dreams

Starting out in life
she tried to put it all behind
but try as she might
the past kept haunting her mind

Trying to find love
free from violence, pain and hate
but childhood memories
have continued to seal her fate

A life still alone
too afraid to love, laugh or trust
that’s the legacy
yet a happy life she lusts

She still bears the scars
Behind the smiles the hurt concealed
Deep within her mind
is her childhood pain revealed.

~ Karen Bailey, July 2010

Impossible Love

July 26, 2010

I will never forget
the very first time
that I saw your smile
and wished you could be mine
Feeling your gentle touch
is not meant to be
Why would you ever
love somebody like me?

Your eyes they cannot see
not even a glance
of my love for you
which I know has no chance
You’re loving someone else
this gets in the way
You will never see
my love is here to stay

In a different time
or another place
would you love me too
and look into my face
saying that you love me
it’s all I want to hear
Being with you is
the dream I hold most dear

We’re living different lives
We are worlds apart
so why do I feel this way
when I knew right from the start
that we can never be together
for this is an impossible love

I always knew
my love for you
is an impossible love.

~ Karen Bailey, May 2010


January 13, 2010

We can never understand
what these people are going through,
the destruction of homes and lives
of buildings old and new

As we see the images
on our computers and TVs
our hearts go out for the people
and the suffering we see

Looking at the pain and grief
on the faces before our eyes,
we must reach out and help
as it’s not too late to save lives

There is so much that they need
Help can come in many ways
Shelter, food, search and rescue
is required over the coming days

So many lives have been lost
Let us pray with all our hearts
as these people don’t deserve
to have their world torn apart

In a land where life was tough
before the earthquake hit
Now things are so much worse
but we can all do a little bit

So look inside your conscience
Can you help in any way?
Your donation will make a difference,
for the needed aid it will help pay

Show we ALL care.

UK British Red Cross

UK http://www.redcross.org.uk/

USA Red Cross

USA http://www.redcross.org/

~ Karen Bailey, January 2010


January 11, 2010

She speaks so very rarely
but her voice is always heard
as she unites so many people
from all around the world

What makes this lady special
is her kindness and her grace
Her compassion has no limits
for the challenges others face

On the outside she is gorgeous
but her true beauty lies within
If you listen to her message
without doubt your heart she’ll win

Helping others is her mission,
she encourages us all to do this too;
to give a simple act of kindness
for those less fortunate than me or you

Never one to be defeated
by the hand that she’s been dealt
Her laughter and her smile
is truly honest and heartfelt

In a time when many others
are bound by selfishness and greed
she is the ray of shining light
to a better world that leads

It’s important we all make noise
for those who struggle to be heard
So let’s follow her example,
let our actions speak louder than words

~ Karen Bailey, January 2010

The Spirit Of Christmas

December 15, 2009

The festive season is nearly here
Let us take some time to remember
as it’s easy to forget these days
the meaning of twenty-fifth of December

It’s not about how much food we can eat
or how many gifts we receive
Instead we should look inside ourselves
to think about others and all we believe

Do we believe in a world full of hope
or one concerned only with greed?
For so many people in our world
it’s shelter and fresh water they need

Others need love and people who care
or to know they are not alone
So look around you, take some time
to spare a thought for those on their own

Christmas should be about giving and love,
spending time with family and friends
If there are those we’ve hurt this year
now is the time to all make amends

So don’t just think about food and wine
or gluttony, greed and wealth
For the true spirit of Christmas time
is to give a little of yourself

~ Karen Bailey, December 2009

The Joyful Heart Foundation

December 7, 2009

As she walked down the street
no one knew her name,
one of many silent victims
ridden with guilt and shame

Unable to tell her story,
scared she won’t be believed
for the truth behind her sorrow
is more than most can perceive

She is looking for a beacon,
a ray of shining light
to save her from the darkness
that shrouds her day and night

Somewhere she feels safe,
to find it is her goal
Someone to hear her story
and open the door to her soul

People who will listen
with compassion for how she feels,
who help her find the courage
and strength she needs to heal

There is such a place
where her voice can now be heard
Her life she begins to reclaim
gaining courage with every word

A Foundation with the message
“stronger together, weaker apart”
changing victim to survivor
living life with a Joyful Heart.

~ Karen Bailey, December 2009


December 6, 2009

Staring back at me
with dark hollow eyes
Pictures on TV
have made me realise

time is running out
but it’s not too late
to try to prevent
this country’s sad fate

Hungry and thirsty,
so thin, frail and weak
It’s water and food
so many do seek

Together before
we helped to save lives
How could we forget
Live Aid Eighty-Five?

Sadly once again
people are dying,
the young and the old
and children crying

In our modern world
I do wonder why
so many people
of hunger must die

We must try so hard
and do all we can
to help these people
and starvation ban

Give them a future,
hopes and dreams to build,
a chance of a life
with happiness filled

~ Karen Bailey, April 2000

In Loving Memory (Nan)

December 6, 2009

You have always been there
watching and listening for all those years
Now that you’re no longer with us
it’s hard not to shed so many tears

In our time of sorrow,
looking back we’ll always remember
how you loved and cared for us all
from January through to December

You asked for nothing grand
From simple things you took such pleasure
The good times that we spent with you,
these memories we’ll always treasure

We must never forget
that you enjoyed a long and full life
You made it all look so easy
helping us through our troubles and strife

Since the time you were born
what changes you’ve seen we can only guess
but we know your one desire
was for your family’s happiness

You’ve been taken from us
It’s very hard to understand why
but as we reach out for comfort
we must celebrate your life, not cry

In loving memory
of someone so dear in all our hearts
The time has come to say goodbye
as you from this life must now depart

~ Karen Bailey, August 2001

War Child

December 6, 2009

I saw a crying child
looking for someone to care
His only thing for comfort
an old brown teddy bear

This child’s done nothing wrong
He has fled a war-torn land
His bare feet leaving a trail
in the dust and the sand

Parted from his parents,
his life, his home and his friends
What this boy’s future will hold
on us it all depends

What those young eyes have seen
we can only guess with fear
and help him to remember
everything he held dear

Why so many children?
It seems unjust and unfair
These children need so much more
than a new brown teddy bear

~ Karen Bailey, May 1999