We can never understand
what these people are going through,
the destruction of homes and lives
of buildings old and new

As we see the images
on our computers and TVs
our hearts go out for the people
and the suffering we see

Looking at the pain and grief
on the faces before our eyes,
we must reach out and help
as it’s not too late to save lives

There is so much that they need
Help can come in many ways
Shelter, food, search and rescue
is required over the coming days

So many lives have been lost
Let us pray with all our hearts
as these people don’t deserve
to have their world torn apart

In a land where life was tough
before the earthquake hit
Now things are so much worse
but we can all do a little bit

So look inside your conscience
Can you help in any way?
Your donation will make a difference,
for the needed aid it will help pay

Show we ALL care.

UK British Red Cross

UK http://www.redcross.org.uk/

USA Red Cross

USA http://www.redcross.org/

~ Karen Bailey, January 2010


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One Response to “Haiti”

  1. Rebecca L C de Baca Says:

    Great thoughts!

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