The Legacy

WARNING – Some may find this upsetting

When she was a child
they took her innocence away
As each year went by
she prayed for a brighter day

Caught up in between
the fights she did not choose
Sat awake each night
crying scared of who will lose

As she fought for sleep
hearing the beatings and the screams
these terrifying sounds
continued within her dreams

Starting out in life
she tried to put it all behind
but try as she might
the past kept haunting her mind

Trying to find love
free from violence, pain and hate
but childhood memories
have continued to seal her fate

A life still alone
too afraid to love, laugh or trust
that’s the legacy
yet a happy life she lusts

She still bears the scars
Behind the smiles the hurt concealed
Deep within her mind
is her childhood pain revealed.

~ Karen Bailey, July 2010


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3 Responses to “The Legacy”

  1. Donna Says:

    These are such beautiful words. I know that there is much pain behind them, but the picture that that paint tells me that somehow after all of the beatings, and screams through the night that there is still hope. That even though “she” is still alone, she survived……

  2. Pete Says:

    painful to express those sentiments but may help in some small way the slow healing process

    Pete xx

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